IPhone 4 electric shock accident, unprotected What work?

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If you touch while charging … Government ‘battery’ only inspection
The iPhone 4 users are suffering from an electric shock during charging, which is expected to be controversial.

The government revealed that only the battery, cable, and charger were listed in the safety test and inspection items of the mobile phone, but the main body of the device was found to be missing from the inspection item.

The iPhone 4 has also been tested to separate the battery, so safety concerns are being raised.

◆ The moment when the ear of the iPhone is shaken

# Case 1 = A who recently purchased iPhone 4 picked up a message to check the text message received while charging and then dropped the device to the point of feeling “grumpy”. It was an electric shock.

In the protest of Mr. A, the company was rather proud to write the genuine product. Mr. A did not disclose the cause of the electric shock because he only engaged in cheering on the company and the cable line.

“I am very careful when touching the iPhone 4 that is charging nowadays,” said A, “and I was still anxious that I was often electrocuted with a shocking grimace.”

# Case 2 = Mr. B who connected the iPhone 4 to the computer to download the picture. The moment I touched my iPhone to get an incoming call, I got a stinging electric shock. The same phenomenon did not stop throughout the conversation, and Mr. B eventually did not finish the call.

Mr. B said, “There is a difference in intensity every time I use it, but sometimes my head is strangely electrocuted.” “It is not serious, but it seems to be a problem for pregnant women, children and the elderly.”

According to industry sources, the material that surrounds the iPhone 4 is conductive. Except for this part, the front and rear parts are covered with tempered glass.

◆ “iPhone 4, conductive cover possible electric shock”

Apple is not only an electric shock, it is a static electricity that appears according to the environment.

“People can feel static electricity because they are conductors of any electronic device,” an Apple official said. Especially, iPhone 4 is a product that has been certified after the government’s safety inspection.

However, an industry expert explained, “The entire surface of the iPhone 4 is likely to be electrocuted because it is made of metal,” he said. “It should be insulated to prevent electric shock.”

The problem is the government ‘s safety regulations, which are not concerned about electric shock accidents triggered by mobile phone devices.

According to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s technical standard, electrical appliance safety standards specify only batteries and chargers of mobile phones. The Korea Institute of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (KEITI), which is a government-sponsored research institute for industry and technology research institutes responsible for the safety certification of the iPhone 4, has also tested only the battery.

An official of the pamphlet said, “Only the charger and the cable line carry out the safety certification.” The mobile phone deals only with the KCC certification that judges harmful electromagnetic compatibility. ”

An official from the Korea Institute of Electrical and Electronic Research (KIET) said, “It is a place where (the researcher) tests the safety management of the mobile phone, but does not test the device itself but only the electromagnetic compatibility.” Instead, Research. ” Most of the causes of cell phone accident are battery.

◆ iPhone 4, battery out of safety experiment

“If there is an electric shock in a cell phone, there is a possibility of leakage current leakage,” the official said. “In the case of the built-in battery of the iPhone 4, it is unknown whether it is a battery problem or a circuit problem.”

“The cell phone battery is about 4.2 volts (V) when it is fully charged,” he warned. “It does not lead to electrocution because it is electrocuted at 4.2 volts, but it can be painful and can cause severe burns.”

It is pointed out that the revision of the government’s policy is urgent as there is a possibility of an electric shock accident of all devices including the iPhone 4.

There are few voices of concern among consumers.

“When I called as an iPhone user, I had an unpleasant memory,” said Kim, a college student. “I do not think it should be managed or supervised in the first place because there is a possibility that it will lead to an accident.”

As of December, the iPhone 4 is said to have sold a total of 1.6 million units in Korea alone.

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